Wednesday, 23 December 2015

project 365: 244-273 / SEPTEMBER MEGA POST

 Yet another picture-heavy post, but look at what I did in September:

244: Got this as a present and it's so good. I didn't even know I liked the smell of sandalwood so much, but it's so good.

245: September calendar.

246: A Hattifattener pencil! You all should know by now that I love Moomins, so what could be better than this.

247: Right, so. The reason I went back to the UK was that I was supposed to be an au pair for the year, but it didn't work out in the end and I left in less than two weeks. This was the view from one of the windows at the house and  the sea view was pretty exciting.

248: Spiderwebs are rather pretty.

249: I did take pictures of the house as well, but I just don't feel like it's my place to really share them on the internet, so here's a candle. (Haha.)

250: A lei I got last year from a random guy, some wooden flowers from mum and a wee angel from a family friend.

251: Went to the beach, and it was really lovely, though also very windy. If I had stayed here longer this would definitely have become a place I would've frequented at. So pretty.

252: Another day, another stroll by the beach.

253: Packing my things already.

254: Some stuff I decided to donate to a charity shop instead of taking all the way to my mum's.

255: And after about 24h of travelling I got to a friends' house in Finland, and was pretty much ready to sleep straight away.

256: Day 2 back in Finland and sightseeing in the south.

257: Packed my things yet again to take the train up north.

258: I had some Moomin books waiting for me at my mum's! These are compilations of the original comic strips that used to be in newspapers:-)

259: Some of my dad's old books I brought back from uni.

260: In September it was still exciting to have candles in the dark, now I'm almost hoping for a little more daylight already..

261: Mess.

262: Sweets from the market are my favourite, even more so as I only get them a few times a year, if even that!

263: Food, flowers, flames.

264: One of the last poor violets.

265: Snacking and organising the bookshelves after I brought some books back from uni.

266: Put my grandparents' engagement photo on the wall. Fun fact: This is 1940s  photoshop as they never got a picture taken together at the time of their engagement and this photo's made of two separate photos instead! Also, how handsome were they both.

267: Flower pressing.

268: September's Moomin calendar.

269: Funeral chic. I bought this black vintage dress only this summer and addressed it as a 'funeral dress', little did I know I'd have use for it so soon. Although it's always sad to say goodbye to friends, relatives, anyone, I've always quite liked funerals. Especially when they are done properly and the deceased and their life is fondly remembered and celebrated as well as mourned.

270: I was so into the whole supermoon lunar eclipse, and basically stayed up all night to watch and try to photograph it...

271: ...but didn't manage to get a good picture of the supermoon in the end. It was worth it, though.

272: If you've read my blog for a while, you might have heard me mention how I love Reader's Digest. However, it turns out I'm not too great at Word Power.

273: A funny thing (that I tweeted about) at the funeral was me meeting the photographer there. We were seated in the same table while eating and because of my veiled vintage hat and my whole funeral attire he asked if I'd agree to model for him dressed like that. I had(/have) nothing else going on in my life at the moment, so that's why I started my one-day-career as a model. He had some flowers as props which I got to take home as well:-)

That's September, then. Time flies and all that. On Tuesday it was my 5th blogiversary, how crazy! Thank you to you all who've stuck with me, and you all who just happen to be passing by right now! I truly appreciate every read, every comment, every follow and most of all every friend I've got via this blog. Anyway, I hope you all have the most wonderful Christmas and I'll see you shortly after (I'll maybe even try to get these mega posts to an end before the end of the year)!



Imogen said...

So gorgeous! I love each of these, beautiful details.

Laura Jones said...

Imogen - thank you very much, honey! xx

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