Sunday, 20 December 2015

project 365: 213-243 / AUGUST MEGA POST

A wee heads-up: this's a picture-heavy post, so bear with me! Here's what I did in August:

213: Sudokus for life.

214: Had a lovely wee day celebrating a friend's birthday:-)

215: One of my favourite photos from this summer.

216: Lil' Laura.

217: Saying hello to the sheep living nearby.

218: Movies and popcorn=my favourite.

219: Yet another favourite from the summer; from when we went cloudberry picking and there were too many mosquitoes.

220: Having cake for breakfast or having breakfast outside are both great, when done together even greater.

221: Churchin'.

222: Nettle pancakes and strawberries for MFM.

223: Sitting by the sea, eating ice cream (and spotting cute old men).

224: I made the most basic sugar cake. It was good.

225: I may have graduated, but I'm still reading many history books like the nerd I am:-)

226: Got minion sweets from my mum, because she knows that I'm ironically obsessed with them. I just think they're so unfunny that it's funny.

227: Blueberry picking and swimming!

228: Even did one outfit shoot this summer (haha), and will probably post it at some point. Nothing like a summery outfit in the middle of winter, eh!

229: Breakfast and late night swimming.

230: I do love blueberry season and baking different blueberry pies, tarts and cakes.

231: My mum's unashamedly had Christmas decorations all year round. Well, only this one, called himmeli, and to be fair it doesn't necessarily look Christmassy.

232: All the cake.

233: Genuinely might have played Uno every day this summer. And autumn. And still want to play Uno; such a good game!

234: Had a birthday party to attend to!

235: The best part of any berry picking or any kind of forest trip is bringing lots of nice snacks or even lunch.

236: Went to the Gemstone Gallery in Kemi for the first time as a birthday gift from my mum. I've only been talking about how I've been the only one in my family who's not been taken there for the past 20 years.. And, yet again, will post about it more at some point!

237: Some violets before I either pressed or sugar-coated them.

238: The cheesecake I baked for my birthday. It's the first baked cheesecake I've made and it was freaking amazing. (Don't even mind if that makes me sound obviously conceited (,because I am).)

239: Drinking hot chocolate from one of the new Moomin mugs I got for my birthday!

240: Rainy days, car journeys and poetry.

241: A lonely lil' balloon floating in the air.

242: Drove to Sweden to fly to London.

243: Arrived back in England, for a wee while.

August seems like so long ago already, and it's nearly Christmas now. How is that even real? If you had the patience to read this all the way, let me know what you did the last month of summer! And stay prepared for another mega post:--)


Laura Mitbrodt said...

These photos are so pretty

Imogen said...

These pictures are so beautiful, loved seeing them, such amazing quality also.

Laura Jones said...

Laura Mitbrodt - thank you, sweets! xx

Imogen - thank you so much, girl! you're far too sweet:-) xx

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