Tuesday, 6 May 2014

st. george's fields, pt. 2

These are some of my favourite gravestones from the cemetery. Basically, if there's something interesting about it, I will like it! And more than often more elaborate and ornate ones are what catches my fancy. For example, the headstone with the "Be ye also ready" text is absolutely gorgeous. "Be ye also ready" is something I'd consider getting on my stone instead or with "Thy will be done". I also imagine that the fishermen and bag are there to indicate one's trade, which is pretty sweet. As is the last photo. I didn't even realize the fancy horse picture that initially captured me was a fire carriage thingy and that it was actually a fireman's memorial.

Another person at the cemetery, that possibly says nothing to a normal human being, is Michael Sadler. In any case, the big white statue is of him, and as I go to a Michael Sadler building at least once a week, it was quite cool to see him there as well. That's about it from my latest cemetery adventure. But, fear not, there's even a small corner of St. George's Fields that I didn't have the time to explore and there's bound to be more posts of me rambling on about graves. I'm a wee bit obsessed. And it seems like I'm not the only one who thinks cemeteries are something special!


Sam said...

These are some amazing statues and looks like a really interesting place to visit. Thanks for your opinion on my last post, hope you're having a great week so far.

Corinne said...

Some amazing gravestones, cemeteries are so beautiful and the older stones are so much nicer than what people tend to have now!

Corinne x

taislany said...

beautiful gravestones :D


Amanda said...

I like how much thought and care people used to put in to being dead. (If that makes sense at all?) x

Crissy (Dainty Fawn) said...

I love looking at unique gravestones and reading them.

Kim Alston said...

those gravestones are amazing. love the sculptures.

Magda Carvalho said...

Love the photos the sculptures is amazing.

Lorna Sharp said...

I agree this texture is so interesting to shoot !
Have lovely end of the week girl,
Cheers From France With all its lazy-ness of today as its bank holiday!


Marisa Ferreira said...

I love staring at gravestones, you can find such pretty ones!


Lady parisienne said...

Lovely photos!

mochaccinoland said...

great photos! i didn't expect all THESE from a cemetery. okay, i don't roam around cemeteries as i find them kinda creepy :X


Eline said...

Remains to be an interesting spot!

Sam said...

I enjoyed reading your views on my last post. Have a Fantastic Friday!

The Adventures of a Shopaholic said...

Have a nice day :D


Ester Ramos said...

The statues are beautiful!


Gail J said...

very very beautiful place hun! Btw, how's the job hunting? xx

Marisa Noelle said...

Oh how beautiful! There's this really old cemetery hidden at the top of the mountain where I live and you have to hike a trail to get to it...pretty cool, but not nearly as ornate and stunning as this. Gorgeous photos Laura! xo

Laura said...

Sam - oh, i know and must agree with that, hun! and hope your friday is a happy one, too:-) x

Corinne - that is so true, honey! i wish old school gravestones started to come more in fashion today, haha:-) xx

taislany - that they are, love! x

Amanda - yes, that makes sense! i think so too, dear:-) it is so much different now, possibly because the increase in secularism, but anyway i do wish the mentality towards death was still more traditional! xx

Crissy - good good, honey! they are so interesting! x

Kim Alston - they really are:-) and i'm glad you like them also, pet! x

Magda Carvalho - thank you, girl! they are:-) x

Lorna Sharp - ah, yes, photographing graveyards and cemeteries is my favourite thing:-) and hope you have a good weekend too, lass! xxx

Marisa Ferreira - so true, lovely! i love finding unique and pretty wee gravestones:-) x

Lady parisienne - thank you, chick! x

mochaccinoland - thank you, darling! haha:-) i love how they can be a little eerie but are still so beautiful! xx

Eline - haha, thank you, sweets! i could roam around cemeteries all the time, even the same ones:-) x

Marianna - thanks, hon! you too! x

Ester Ramos - aren't they, chicken! x

Gail J - thank you, sweetie! oh, you know, not much progress, haha! xx

Marisa Noelle - why thank you, petal! ah, that sounds so amazing, the location must be quite something! xx

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