Sunday, 4 May 2014

because i'm happy

Here's the next 18 pictures in my 100 happy days challenge! You may have already seen them on Instagram, but that's cool. I'm not even half-way through yet, and I think I didn't realize how long 100 days will take. Not that I'm going to quit, though!

1. The Easter parcel my mum sent!
2. And my favourite thing in it: mämmi!
3. An excited wee Laura on her St. George's Fields exploration! It was super windy.
4.  During the holiday I got into the habit of squeezing fresh orange juice, but I've already stopped.. Sigh.
5. Sunny days:-)
6. Baking!
7. And, obviously, after baking; lots of sweet things to eat, like this bird's nest cake!
8. I'm trying to wreck my journal and be an explorer of the world a bit more often:-)
9. Honestly, this Burt's Bees Soap Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream was so good. It left my face so soft that I'm thinking of repurchasing.. And it smells nice too!

1. Painting Easter eggs! I only painted my Mignon chocolate egg and came to realize that I'm a bit out of practice.
2. Aren't these just the cutest of chocolates?
3. Biscuits! I might have a recipe for these somewhere in my drafts where I've not decided if it'll be published or not, haha.
4. Thursday thought.
5. An oldie of me and lil' Patra♥ Think this is from around 2007? That is actually so old, oh my!
6. Eye. When I took this, I was probably just pleased with my eye make-up, haha. But look at my odd eye colour, ugh! I know I must've mentioned that my eyes are gradually always changing colour. Here you can actually see the blue edges that have almost completely changed to green and the inner brown is growing larger. I do wonder if my eyes will one day be completely brown..
7. Going to the shop, but first let me take a selfie. (Sorry.) I've finally made up my mind, though, and I'm now wearing maxis! This grey one's the first.
8. Pressing flowers!
9. I'm still going on about Buffy. I've finished rewatching the last season and I still can't snap out of my obsession. I thought I'd take a break by watching Adventure Time (which is good, does anyone watch that, or am I the only one strange enough?) but all I can think about is Buffy. I might have to delve into Angel next, I just can't help myself.

What's up in your lives? Anything new you've started to like, any nice shows you've been watching?


Amber Callender said...

cute photos! the 100 day challenge sounds really fun <3

Ester Ramos said...

Cute photos :)


FloralConstellation said...

gorgeous photos! this challenge sounds great :)

Anonymous said...

cute pics.. loved the lipstick :D


PiotrowskaPaulina said...

Great photos from instagram :)Thanks dear:*

The Adventures of a Shopaholic said...

lovely pics! i'm on instagram too @mariannadeluca :)


Sam said...

These are such cute and fun photos, wonderfully collection! Thanks for stopping by...Wishing you a productive week ahead!

AVY said...

I love that you watch Buffy.

/ Avy

Manhattan Image and Style said...

Such an inspiring post sweetie! I love it as much as I love your pics!

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Lady parisienne said...

Pretty post, nice photos!

Magda Carvalho said...

Amazing photos ;)

Amanda said...

Your eye makeup looks amazing in that photo. My wingtips never look that clean! What's your trick? xx

Corinne said...

I love this challenge, I would do it but I don't think I can have a happy moment every day, ha. My housemate did this but only went 6 days and then quit.

Corinne x

Hena Tayeb said...

i wish i had the time to do some rewatching..

currently i'm just trying to keep up with what is on tv now.. like Game of Thrones.. but love the oldies like Buffy, Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars..

Marlen said...

Can you believe I've never watched Buffy before?! Please still be my friend, haha. Also, your cat eye liner is PERFECT, it looks like it's something straight out of a magazine. teach me your waaaays.

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Jade Wright said...

Stunning shots and I love the whole concept of this challenge :)

I love the wreck your journal idea and becoming an explorer of the world! Let me know how that goes - sounds epic.

Katie Frank said...

I want all these Moomin things <3

mochaccinoland said...

wow! 100 days!! that is a huge challenge (at least for me)!! lovely photos <3


Eline said...

I really love the idea of the 100happydays! Don't think i'll ever be able to keep it up haha. Good luck!

Krysten Gautreaux said...

What a fun challenge!

Laura said...

Amber Callender - thanks, love! it is quite fun:-) x

Ester Ramos - thank you, pretty! x

FloralConstellation - thank you, hun! x - thank you, chick! xx

PiotrowskaPaulina - thanks, pet! x

Marianna - thank you, sweets! i'm following you now:-) x

Sam - thank you, hen! and the same to you! x

AVY - nothing is better than buffy at the moment! and i take it that you love it too, hon? x

Diana - thank you very much, lovely! x

Lady parisienne - cheers, lass! x

Magda Carvalho - thank you, chicken! x

Amanda - why thank you, doll! i don't really have a trick, sometimes they are successful and sometimes not, haha:-) suppose all it takes is a lot of practice! xx

Corinne - haha, it can be a bit of a struggle, sweetie! i wouldn't have thought i have a happy moment every day, but the challenge kind of forces you to see that there is happy things in your life, even when it doesn't feel like it:-) xx

Hena Tayeb - i'm sure the day will come when you have the time:-) and there is obviously more important things to do, haha. hooray for got, buffy and veronica mars, girl! i've never seen all of gilmore girls, though! x

Marlen - ahh, you really should give it a watch, but even if you don't we can be friends, haha:-) and thank you so much, darling, what a compliment, ha! i wish there was something to teach! xx

Jade Wright - thank you, dove! i love all of keri smith's books, and wish i didn't forget i have them all the time:-) x

Katie Frank - haha, you'll have to start a wee collection, dear! i want all the moomin things and i already have too much:') xx

mochaccinoland - haha, it really is:-) thank you, petal! xx

Eline - thanks, baby! you should try it, it's not the end of the world if you don't finish it, haha:-) x

Krysten Gautreaux - i think so too, lady! xx

zoe said...

I'm also doing the #100happydays! I'm having so much fun with it. Sometimes I wonder if it's just another excuse to post Instagram pictures...tomorrow is halfway for me. It dawns on you just how many 100 is huh? I'm off to follow you and your happy days on instagram!

The What's In Between

Laura said...

zoe - haha, it is a fun challenge and i think i'm pretty much half-way through as well! and it is almost a third of the year, i certainly didn't realize that when i started! and you possibly know that i'm following you too, sweetie! xx

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