Monday, 19 May 2014


 Dress - Mama's old
Bandeau - Gina Tricot
Belt - Primark
Shoes - New look

This's just a quick quick quick outfit post. I haven't had too much time on my hands lately and figured I'd let you all know that as uni is keeping me quite busy, I might not be that active on the blogosphere for the next few weeks. Only a couple of exams and second year will be in the past, though! On top of exams I've also developed a cold, because that is obviously what you do when the temperature gets over 20. So my life is basically only four things right now; revision, sleep, hot drinks and some episodes of Full House. I'll try and squeeze in some catching up on comments&blogs as well! Hope you're all enjoying the sun and having a great start to the week!


Isabella said...

I love the chic simplicity of the black and creme together! Good luck with school, and feel better :)


Eline said...

Great dress, and good luck with those exams!

Indy said...

Wow, I am LOVING your makeup! That shadow makes your eyes pop!

Hope you feel better soon, dear! And good luck with exams!

HighlandFling said...

Simple but cute! Perfect for those stressful university times! Good luck with your final bits and pieces! Summer soon!

Emma xx

Simona said...

Love your hair dear <3

Laura said...

Isabella - thank you, thank you, lovely! xx

Eline - thank you, hun! x

Indy - why, thank you, sweetie! you're too kind:-) and thank you, thank you again:-) xx

Emma - i thought so too:-) and thank you very much, doll! i do wish it was already summer. xx

Simona - ah, thank you! that's nice to hear, pet! x

Amanda said...

I love your outfit! But most importantly I love your lip colour- where's it from? xx

Laura said...

Amanda - ah, thank you, dear! it's a mixture of two: revlon's lip butter in tutti frutti and this orangey-red lipstick i got of my mother and don't know where it's from.. sorry i'm not much of a help! xx

Crissy (Dainty Fawn) said...

Hope your exams are going well!! :D love your dress <3

Sabrina said...

Simplicity is always great for busy days. Love your eye makeup!


Laura said...

Crissy - thanks, they've not been too bad so far:-) and thank you, dear! x

Sabrina - so it is! and thank you, sweets! x

The Mad Twins said...

It's such a chic yet simple look :D I adore it! I love your make-up too! it suites you soo well :D

xxx The Mad Twins

Laura said...

The Mad Twins - thank you so much, honey! you're too kind:-) xxx

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