Tuesday, 2 April 2013

too many reaching for a piece of cake

Before the Easter break my flatmate, Angel, and I baked a wee apple pie, using this recipe. She had never tried making an apple pie, so it was pretty fun! Sometimes I forget how different people are and actually found it astonishing that someone hadn't done some basic baking like this. Then I realized that a lot of people don't bake at all. I can't understand why! Baking is one of my favourite things and most things I've tried taste far better when they are self-made. All in all, it was a good wee pie. Seems like I've been posting a lot of recipes/things I've baked (ok, only two), and I still have a few things I fancy trying. Sometimes I just get really excited about baking and cooking and don't want to do anything else!


mochaccinoland said...

that pie looks great! baking can be quite fun when the bake turns out well ^^


Marlen said...

aww that's so cute you two did it together, it turned out so pretty! it reminds me of snow white for some reason haha must be your black hair!

xo Marlen
Messages on a Napkin

A N D Y S T Y L E said...

pretty ;))

Ashley said...

Baking is addicting to me. I'm glad you're a fan, too.

Corinne said...

I never ever ever bake! I live with two chefs and one of them really loves baking pies, cakes and desserts, I should invite you around and you can bake with her :p

Corinne x

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I like baking cookies and what not but cakes seem so much harder!

Caitie Schlisserman said...

it's always funny traveling to other places and seeing the lifestyle that they live - the things they cook etc., it can be so different than what you are used to. But it's so nice being able to share cultures and learn new things!

Lady à la Mode

Laura said...

mochaccinoland - thank you, doll! and also so disappointing when you fail, haha, but mostly fun! xx

Marlen - thank you, lovely! would never have thought of snow white in this context myself, haha! xx

A N D Y S T Y L E - cheers, hen! x

Ashley - it really can get quite addicting, pet! x

Corinne - living with chefs must be amazing, if they make all kinds of fancy food for you, ha! and you're so sweet, dear! x

Krysten - ah, i suppose it depends on the recipe, honey! i think some biscuits and such can be much harder to bake than a simple cake! x

Caitie Schlisserman - you're right there, chick! xx

Bader Lamont said...

Nice blog i really like your work you have so many amazing potential ! MAYBE WE FOLLOW EACH OTHER ON GFC , BLOGLOVIN AND FB .. i'll be so glad to keep in touch with your work ..


Laura said...

Bader Lamont - thank you, hun! will visit your blog soon:-) x

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