Thursday, 4 April 2013

thursday thoughts pt. 4

""Whenever you feel like criticizing any one," he told me, "just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had.""
-F. Scott Fitzgerald



Hena Tayeb said...

I like that quote..

Optimistic Existentialist said...

That quote really speaks volumes doesn't it?

The Crush said...

I have some books looking like your top one.
The quality of the paper is really amazing :)

love the quote as well ^^

Marlen said...

that's a great quote- and one we all should keep in mind :) and i love your books, they look so limited edition-y

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Love that quote.

Instant Milk said...

Those are such beautiful notebooks! Especially the first one!
Cool! Thank you for sharing!

Visit my blog sometime, and if you enjoy being there as much as I enjoyed your blog we can follow each other ;)!

Here are the links to follow each other:
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Come by soon, and stay in touch!


danniekate said...

very true, lady! xx

Marisa Noelle said...

I love this quote! I wish more people would live by it. I certainly strive too :-)

Corinne said...

Love the quote dear. And that top book looks well cool!

Corinne x

Deidre said...

Whoa! That quote is awesome. And something I should probably remember from time to time as well.

Laura said...

Hena Tayeb - glad you do, pet:) x

Optimistic Existentialist - it really does, hon! x

The Crush - the quality of the paper in that one really is brilliant, lovely! it's a shame i have no idea where mine's actually from, ha:-) x

Marlen - so we should, doll! and thank you, it's probably just the top one which i think is really pretty:-) xx

Krysten - so do i, chick! x

Instant Milk - thank you, love! will visit your blog soon:-) x

danniekate - i think so too, darling! xx

Marisa Noelle - i agree with you on that, petal! i know i should try harder! xx

Corinne - thank you, sweetie, i think so too! :-) x

Deidre - so it is, honey:-) and i think we all should! x

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