Saturday, 27 April 2013

park life

Leather jacket - Auntie's old
Cardi - KappAhl
Dress - New look

Leeds is a lovely city in the way that, if you want to, you can get out of the city and into the countryside in about five minutes. Although I haven't been exploring my area that much, I can tell you that Yorkshire has some pretty landscape, all the moors, parks and wee villages. Once everything comes to full bloom, it should be really beautiful! Today I've been to two parks, and though it was mildly windy, I had a lovely day:-) The first pictures are from Chevin Forest Park and the last four from Golden Acre Park. Also, stopped at the most charming lil' tea room and I do recommend checking it out if you're in the area. I had homemade lasagne, but all the cakes looked amazing as well! Days like this are always good.


Corinne said...

Yay, that is the best thing about Yorkshire, you can go just drive around the country lanes and find the most wonderful places, you should see some of the areas near Huddersfield!

Corinne x

Nicoleta_B said...

So beautiful pictures, my dear ♥

Lots of Love,


ps. I would love to invite you to join and
to share your awesome looks if u want.

Mitzi Cocoa said...

What a lovely jaunt! I adore your leather jacket and sweater combo.

Anonymous said...

Kivat maisemat

Holly-Bella Cassell said...

I've never been to Yorkshire. It looks lovely. I've always wanted to go and visit the Haworth Parsonage :)

great photos xoxox

Anonymous said...

Beautiful view!

Chestnut Mocha said...

Parks in spring are my favorite! <3

Alice in La La said...

gorgeous style, adoring your blog!
check out our new blog – behind the scenes at our fashion agency!

lots of love from La-La Land

Imogen said...

Absolutely stunning photos, what a gorgeous location.

Marisa Noelle said...

Ah - look at that view! I love going to parks and just exploring. This one looks really beautiful! Stunning photos all around Laura :-)

xo Marisa

Hena Tayeb said...

sounds like a lovely trip

Optimistic Existentialist said...

WHat a beautiful park!! I would love to spend hours and hours and hours there!!

Laura said...

Corinne - it really is, isn't it, doll! and i'll do that once i get the chance! :-) x

Nicoleta_B - thank you, honey! x

Mitzi Cocoa - thank you so much, sweetie! x

Susanna89 - kiitos, ihana! x

Holly-Bella Cassell - you should go and visit:-) i'm now really wanting to go to the parsonage, can't believe i hadn't thought of that before! and thank you, dear! xx

Märta - isn't it though, love! x

Chestnut Mocha - mine too, hun! x

Alice in La La - thank you very much, chick! will stop by your blog soon:-) x

Imogen - thank you, pet! x

Marisa Noelle - exploring is so much fun:-) and thank you, petal! xx

Hena Tayeb - thank you, lady, it really was! x

Optimistic Existentialist - i'm sure anyone could spend lots of time in lovely places like this one, hon! x

Zlata Petrenko said...

such amazing photos! wow ;)

Ourdestination said...

nice photos :)

Laura said...

Zlata Petrenko - thank you very much, hen! x

Ourdestination - thanks, love! x

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