Tuesday, 13 January 2015

project 365

 As I don't really do resolutions, I thought I'd do something else instead. Inspired and encouraged by the amazing Kaylah I decided to try my hand at the Project 365. Having had my wee Canon now for almost a year, I still haven't gotten around to properly learning to use all the different settings (haven't even read all through the manual, haha!). So with this project, hopefully, I'll get more use of my camera, learn to take better photos and possibly get more comfortable taking photos in public both just of random things and of myself. I can't promise I'll have something interesting to photograph every day, but so far I have actually remembered to take photos every day, and I'm really happy about that:-) Although, I've mostly remembered about this lil' project only when it's already gotten dark and the lighting definitely hasn't been the best, but you can't have everything in life, eh.

 001 Wee Laura playing with fire. I've actually used up all my candles in a couple of weeks and need to get some new nice-scented ones!

 002 The fanciest Christmas hot chocolate with a candy cane (ha ha). One of the only things I miss from living with le mother is her making me hot chocolates and one of the only food things I miss from Finland is hot chocolate. I just thinks it tastes better over there, or maybe it's the fact that my mum makes it..

 003 Don't actually know if I like this one. It's just a lil' street in Headingley.

 004 Breakfast of the day; porridge with dried blueberries. It doesn't look or sound that special, but it's good. Trust me.

 005 Took some make-up photos, some of which I haven't gotten around to posting yet! But you can see my MAC post here.

 006 I actually took the photos of products on a different day than the one I was wearing them. You can still see my MAC post here.

 007 I had a really exciting day of returning uni books, did a little sales browsing without any massively interesting finds and took a picture of the Parkinson building. My uni is quite pretty.

 008 Taking full advantage of my housemate's Angel collection. I love Buffy (as you might know), but have never seen Angel before this. I'm now about to start season three and I am beyond excited. I thought a series fully focused on him might ruin the dark, mysterious and broody Angel for me which is why I had been a bit hesitant of watching it in the past, but I was so wrong. I'm loving it pretty much as much as Buffy.

009 I've also really been into Matlock lately. I used to watch him with my grandpa when I was little and I just love Ben so much. I do love my old(ish) TV series.

 010 A rainy day spent inside doing uni work. At least my Moomin notebook is pretty!

011 Yet another walk to and from uni, this time to borrow some more books. Because, really, what else would one do on a Sunday afternoon?

That's pretty much what the start of the year has been like for me so far. Not too exciting, but quite enjoyable nonetheless. I'll possibly make this into a weekly thing, so you all get to see what I get up to (or how little I get up to, ha!). Later, lovelies!


Amy said...

Oh, your photos are gorgeous! ♥
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

Yasmine M said...

Your photos are amazing, and this sounds like such a fun challenge!

When my Finnish friends visit they always bring me Geisha chocolate! ♥ It's delicious!

Cloudy Dreams

Leah Talks said...

I love these photos! This is such a great project! :) xx

Helena said...

I love this kind of projects! Amazing photos!!!


Gail J said...

Playing with the camera is fun! I also didn't have a chance (maybe too lazy) to learn about my camera properly, however, it's wort to do so! xx

Johanna said...

Oh I love the idea of taking a photo every day, sounds challenging yet fun! :) I really like the photos in the post, especially the one with the Moomins :)

xx Johanna

Sara Gerard said...

These are all lovely! Such a great idea too, since I have a camera that I barely know how to use, I should take note! I had oatmeal with blueberries yesterday, lol. It is a great breakfast!

Krysten Quiles said...

I love that dark lipstick on you!

Lady parisienne said...

very nice all these pictures have a great day!

Wynne Prasetyo said...

aww glad to know that this year has been enjoyable for you. it has been all work and lack of rest for me, but i'm totally trying to keep it enjoyable too! <3 <3 hope the rest of the year will be full of blessings for you!

Eena said...

Lovely photos! Good luck on completing your project 365 - I've always wanted to try one of these days, but I doubt I can manage xD

Kelsey & Kenecha said...

Love the photos, you are gorgeous! Hot chocolate is like the best thing ever!! haha Have a lovely weekend :)


Marisa Noelle said...

One of these years, I want to do one these. My camera doesn't really get enough use Lovely pics - that hot chocolate looks like the best thing. And you look stunning in that photo!

Corinne said...

Love the photos! woo, I've just been to Headingly to go to the dentist :( not as fun as the photos!

Corinne x

Laura said...

Amy - thank you very much, lovely! xx

Yasmine M - thank you, dear! haha, geisha's my mum's favourite chocolate:-) i kind of wish i had some right now, it's so good! x

Leah talks - thank you, pet! i'm really liking this lil' project myself:-) xx

Helena - i do too, i hope i'll actually finish this one, haha! cheers, hun! xx

Gail J - i know, i wish i had more time to just spend with my camera and explore:-) it really is worth it, darling, especially if you have an expensive camera, ha! we should both stop being lazy, learn to use our cameras and go exploring together, hehe! :-) xx

Johanna - i think it'll get easier to do and to remember once you get started:-) thank you, girl! got to love a bit of the moomins! :-) xx

Sara Gerard - ah, thank you, sweets! you could still take up on the project, even though you'd be missing a few days;-) and it is such a good breakfast, makes me think of home-home! xx

Krysten Quiles - thank you, lady! xx

Lady parisienne - thank you, thank you, chick! x

Wynne Prasetyo - it's starting to be like that to me as well, with all my uni work that i ignored during the holidays, haha! but the year can only be as good as you make it yourself, so i hope it'll be wonderful for you as well, doll! xx

Eena - thank you, gal! you should give it a try, you might surprise yourself, haha! x

Kelsey & Kenecha - why, thank you, hen! haha, i know, makes me sad that i don't have any at the moment.. you too! x

Marisa Noelle - you should give it a go, there's still time to start this year, haha! :-) thank you very much, marisa petal! you're always so kind! xx

Corinne - thanks, dear! it's strange that we move in the same places and never see each other! haha, i used to like going to the dentist but now that i don't go regularly anymore i'm not too eager to go&hear them tell me that all my teeth are probably rotting.. hope it was okay! xx

Georgia said...

Great idea for an alternative to resolutions!

Laura said...

Georgia - thank you, hun! i do think so too, and definitely more enjoyable than taking up exercising and already failing come february, haha! :-) x

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