Tuesday, 20 January 2015

project 365: 012-018

 012 This is very much a representation of what my life is like. I had an essay due at noon, stayed up until 6am writing it, slept for two hours, continued writing and still hadn't reached the word count by noon. So I spent most of my Monday writing and rearranging an essay that I then handed in the next day. In this photo I'm still having breakfast and being hopeful of not losing 5 marks straight away.. Such fun.

 013 Finally got my 2015 Moomin calendar properly on the wall and ate loads of these bad boys. Genuinely in love with these Daim eggs, and I buy them almost every day, haha!

 014 Face of the day, and also some new rings. As I'd only been sleeping for about five hours during the last two nights together, I spent most of my day in bed. I really need my sleep:-(

 015 I still have some of my Christmas decorations up, but is that really that bad? In my family we only take them down on the 13th, but this one is so pretty I might leave it for still a little longer.

 016 This is probably the most honest photo that has ever been on my blog. I can be a bit of a slob and have all kinds of crap covering the whole surface of my desk and chair. Anything from (clean) socks to dishes to old receipts to jewellery. But I tend to keep my floor clear, so that's ok. Right..?

017 It was snowing!

018 The shadow of my glass angel that hangs in the window, I just thought it looked pretty:-) And as it was my nameday, I ate a doughnut. It was a good day. (Apart from the fact that I was writing yet another essay. On time, this time around.)

P.S. How has my life become so irregular and I so nocturnal. Just postin' in the wee hours of the morning..


Amy said...

Oh, I love your photos! The doughnut looks delicious ♥
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

Sara Gerard said...

These are my favorite kinds of posts! I wish that I could take more photos of random things, but it is dark when I get home, and our lighting is crap. These are all beautiful and clear! Lovely!

Laura Mitbrodt said...

cool photos, that donut looks good

angkisland said...

wow very nice love it...

Arrow said...

Amazing pictures! So warm and cozy!

Jade Wright said...

I've never tried Daim eggs! Doubt you get them here in South Africa but geez I wish we did! I don't know what is up with me but the last couple of days I have had serious cravings for chocolate.

Your new rings are stunning!! I love them - I'd wear all at once just like that all the time.

Hahaha I think we can all be a bit of a slob sometimes!! Unless I am staying at someone else's house like my bf's I hardly ever make my bed properly.. I throw the cover over but don't go all neat and perfect unless I am expecting company over!! And wine glasses..... haha... they are everywhere in my home!! Gosh it's a nightmare compared to your pic! hehehe

Awww enjoy the snow.. I miss it x


Kelsey & Kenecha said...

I remember staying up trying to get school work done, it is the worst isn't it? I would sleep for hours and hours after that, I too need my sleep :P
Those chocolate eggs look amazing. & your rings look so nice :)
PS. I just love to keep something Christmasy up all year round as well :)


Corinne said...

You look stunning in the face of the day.

I'm a bit of a sob too. But I also leave shit on the floor D:

Corinne x

Lady parisienne said...

very cute all these pictures!!

Vintage Magpies said...

Love your rings! And your moomins journal! Good luck with your coursework...I feel your pain from my days as a student.
Sarah Jane xo

Gail J said...

My life is in crisis when it comes to uni work as well lol Anyway, I'm sure you can make it!

Sakuranko said...

Oh very cute pics

Laura said...

Amy - thank you, hen! it was pretty good, haha! xx

Sara Gerard - good to hear that at least someone will like to see these! i do love other people doing posts like this as well:-) i only remember to take photos when it's dark already on most days, so i'm sure you could do this too! thank you, lovely! x

Laura Mitbrodt - thank you, chick! xx

angkisland - thanks, hun! x

Arrow - thank you, pet! x

Jade Wright - they're new to me as well, and i will probably cry if they're just a seasonal thing! thank you, dear! i've actually been wearing the rings like this for days, hehe. haha, i just tend to spend time in the living room until i tidy up my room and can actually enjoy being in it, haha! and the snow never lasted.. xx

Kelsey & Kenecha - it is the worst, love! i could obviously not leave it to the last minute and it wouldn't be that bad, haha.. and thank you! nothing wrong with having christmas decorations up all year round if they're pretty, eh? x

Corinne - thank you, honey! haha, it's understandable, we have better things to do than tidying up! xx

Lady parisienne - glad you think so, doll! x

Sarah Jane - aw, thank you, girl! haha, i know, it's all fun and games being a student until you realize it's a week until all your deadlines, ha! xx

Gail J - haha, i should just be more organised and not leave it to the last night! and i'm sure you can make it as well, darling! xx

Sakuranko - thanks, sweets! x

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