Wednesday, 5 February 2014

red and wooden

 Cardi - Mama's old
Top - 2nd hand
Skirt - Primark
Over-knee socks - H&M
Necklace - Gift from godmother

 My last post from Austria! And this was actually my last day in Austria. And as I was sitting on a train for a fair amount of the day, I wasn't wearing as much clothes as I did on most days.. Anyway,  I've had this necklace for years but I reckon this's the first time I've actually worn it. It is literally only a piece of wood, but I really love it and how smooth&soft it feels. Even more so as I've gotten it from my godmother. (My godmothers always give me nice things😊) 

Something I don't think has been mentioned before is that while travelling, I couchsurfed. I.e. literally surfed strangers' couches. It may sound a bit strange (or even dangerous, especially if you're a female travelling alone..) but I really had a nice time with all of my hosts. This also explains the cat in the background. I hadn't even realized how much I miss just having a cat and truly had a wonderful time petting these two. If one wants to actually experience a foreign culture instead of only sightseeing and being a tourist, I'd really recommend trying couchsurfing.


Manhattan Image and Style said...

What a cute look!! I love that unique necklace! <3

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Johzu said...

mä tykkään tost hameest :-) ikäväää :!

Marlen said...

woaah you couchsurfed?! i heard of that but was always a little iffy about trying it. i want to go to iceland this year and couchsurfing would make it a whole lot cheaper- how do you know that the hosts arent axe murderers? haha thats a real question btw :)

xo marlen
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Krysten Gautreaux said...

I really love that skirt!

Rebecca said...

Your outfit is so sweet! Your beautiful necklace is a wonderful gift from your godmother! I adore your over the knee socks! I have never tried couchsurfing!


Natalia | Fashioned by Love said...

Never heard of this way of travelling… Nice to hear how good the experience was - I'd probably be a little bit scared or cautious… :)

Corinne said...

Couch surfing is a great idea, I'm glad you've had a good experience with it, you're a brave lady to do it alone!

I joined the site when I moved to France but I never did it. I did meet up with some people I met on the internet though and stay at their houses/apartments and they stayed at mine.

Corinne x

Ourdestination said...

I like your skirt :)

Eline said...

Great necklace!
I'd love to go couch surfing, but my mom won't let me cause she things it's too dangerous... Ugh. It sounds amazing! You must have met so many inspiring people!

Laura said...

Diana - thank you very much, hun! x

Johzu - kiitoos<3!

Marlen - ah yes, and it really does make travelling cheaper! that is exactly the first question i asked, haha.. you should try to find a host who's had good reviews and maybe stick with female/pair hosts if that makes you feel safer:-) i'd love to visit iceland and i hope you get to go&have the loveliest time, darling! xx

Krysten Gautreaux - thank you, sweetie! xx

Rebecca - thank you, thank you, lovely! x

Natalia - oh, i really do recommend trying it, pet:-) but i think it's always good to be cautious! x

Corinne - it really is! and that sounds really nice as well, doll! xx

Ourdestination - thanks, dear! x

Eline - thank you, pretty! and it really is great, maybe your mum will let you do it if you're travelling with someone else (or her!) :-) x

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