Tuesday, 25 February 2014

cancer's boring

Top - New look
Skirt - Mama's old/Diy
Bracelet(Necklace) - Self-made
Necklace - Made by my mum

Thanks to you all wishing  me to get better! I am in fact not too ill anymore. Still spending a lot of time in bed and watching a lot of TV. I started rewatching House and it is as good as ever. It's (possibly) my favourite show ever and I'm already dreading the moment that I reach the series finale. I just love shows you can watch over and over again and never get tired of. I can remember all the minor characters, the most important lines, the plot twists and everything, but it doesn't lessen the amount of enjoyment I get from it. (On the other hand, I'm also good at rewatching TV shows&movies or even rereading books and can remember all the wee details, but not why someone murdered someone or which major organ failure finally kills a patient. I find this a good quality!) If you've never seen House, I highly recommend you step into the 21st century and check it out! It's especially good if you're feeling poorly and want to self-diagnose. If you're a bit of an hypochondriac like me, you might just end up thinking you have lupus.. :-)


HighlandFling said...

Well aren't you and mama talented in the DIY department!? I love the jewellery you have both made!

Glad you are feeling better! :)

Emma x

Maja eM said...

ove the simplicity, fab skirt1

Johzu said...

hello♥ ihania koruja!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I did watch the first three seasons of House and for some reason I stopped. I need to watch the rest of it someday!

amy said...

Love doing that with tv series, but I hardly watch them anyway so it's always like a new thing haha. I love all of the DIY pieces in here!

Laura said...

Emma - haha, thank you very much, doll! xx

Maja eM - thank you, dear! xx

Johzu - kiitos! :-) x

Optimistic Existentialist - ah, the first three seasons are the best! hope you get to enjoy the rest soonish, hon! x

amy - haha, i watch way too much tv:-) and thank you, darling! xx

Laura Ward said...

Cute skirt x x x

STYLE STACK - A personal style blog

STYLE STACK - A personal style blog

STYLE STACK - A personal style blog

Laura said...

Laura Ward - thank you, love! xxx

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