Sunday, 22 December 2013

non-existent snow

Skirt&Over-knee socks - H&M
Top&Shoes - Primark
Cardi - Grandma's old
Leather jacket - Auntie's old
Bag - Dad's old
Bracelets - Gift/Avon

I've been enviously looking at all the photos of other bloggers in snowy climates. I don't really like snow that much once it's here, but I do wish for it when there's none. I mean, who doesn't want a white Christmas? And having lived in Finland for most of my life, I'm pretty accustomed to having snow for ~6 months. I'm even prepared for snow this year and have bought two winter coats, haha! One of them arrived earlier this week and I'm still waiting for the other one. I'm not needing them that much at the moment, as I'm still dressing pretty lightly. I do occasionally zip up my jacket though, and think about taking mittens and/or a hat with me when leaving the house.

But even if there isn't any snow in Leeds for Christmas (which there probably won't be), I'm hoping there will be in Germany and Austria. I'm going on a wee trip after Christmas/for New Year's and am rather excited. If anyone has ever been to and has some nice tips&places to visit in Munich, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Innsbruck, I'd be more than happy to hear them! And in the mean time, I hope everyone's pretty much ready for Christmas!


Gail J said...

I love one of Black&White photos! How's your studying? :D I will move to Manchester next year though xx

Marisa Noelle said...

Have a lovely trip Laura! I love a good White Christmas too but any other day I would happily trade our snow :-). Gorgeous look. Your grandmother's cardi is perfect!

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful cardigan and I love that it was your grandma`s! So special! The over the knee socks are so chic! I wish I could send you over some snow we have more than enough here! :)


Mary Kat said...

Nice look, and perfect "snowy" climate

amy said...

I bought wellies this year thinking i'd be prepared for the snow. It hasn't even showed up yet, what a let down! I'm kind of glad though, it makes it so much easier to go to work/college. I love your bracelets here and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! :) xxx

Laura said...

Gail J - thank you, honey! haha, i should spend my holiday studying for my exams, but can't see that happening.. hope i'll see you more then! :-) xx

Marisa Noelle - thank you, darling, i will! haha, i think you've got to have some snow during winter:-) and thank you, it really is! xx

Rebecca - thank you so much, dear! and i'd be more than happy if i could receive some snow, haha:-) x

Mary Kat - thank you, love! x

amy - it really is a let down! that's true, but there should still be snow for christmas, hehe:-) and thank you & the same to you, sweetie! xxx

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