Tuesday, 24 December 2013

christmas eve will find me

 Dress - H&M
Cardi - Mum's old
Earrings - New look

I don't know if this dress has been seen on the blog, but I've owned it for over a year. Instead of wearing red every Christmas for days and days, I decided that white lace could be just as festive. But couldn't get rid of red nails, lips and cardi..

Hope you've all been having a wonderful Christmas Eve, and that the Christmas Day tomorrow will be even more delightful! I'll soon be on my way to midnight mass, and possibly start opening presents once I get back home:-) And tomorrow I'll most likely be sporting one of my biggest dresses so that I can eat loads. (I wouldn't risk wearing this white one!) Merry Christmas❤!


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Beautiful dress. Merry Christmas!

Isabella said...

I love the white on white! So sweet & wintry.
Merry Christmas, I'm glad to have found your blog :)
~another 1/2-Finn!


his_girl_friday said...

I love the red and white. It's such a festive combo!

Ourdestination said...

beautiful dress :D

Laura said...

Krysten - thank you, thank you, sweetie! xx

Isabella - thank you so much, love! ah, that's lovely, i'm looking forward to taking a look at your blog now! x

his_girl_friday - thank you, pet! it really is, isn't it! x

Ourdestination - thank you, hun! x

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