Saturday, 25 May 2013

night outfit

Top - H&M
Pyjama shorts - Gift/Seppälä
Slippers - Gift

So, what do you do on a wee night, when everyone else's going out? Obviously you could go out yourself, but that's not what I did.. Don't know what normal people do when they're bored, I cut my hair. You can't see it in the pictures because of the full french braid crown, but I chopped off about 4 inches of my hair! And it was (and still is) very tempting to make that an 8 or even more. I've decided to go properly short for the summer, but think I'll do it gradually. Getting a full 10-13 inches cut away at once can be a bit shocking and in this way I'll get more used to not having long hair, haha:-)

Other things you do on nights like this, are doing your nails (with which I'm quite happy with!)...

 ...and watching films. I watched "The Exorcist" for the first time, and before seeing it my face looked like the picture below. But it wasn't actually scary, just a wee bit disturbing! To be honest, that's how I feel about most horror films. Suppose I'm not scared that easily:-)

Have a beautiful weekend, lovelies♥!


Ira Kharchenko said...

Nice pics! Have a wonderful weekend:)

Maddie said...

I really like your manicure! Very creative! :)

If you want you can participate in a giveaway on my blog! :)

Alexandra Zakharova said...

Don;t get upset about hair, they are groving fastly:) Great pictures as well!
Have a fabulous time!

Best wishes, Alexandra

Sakuranko said...

Sweetie I want invite you!
Win a Pair of CircleLens in Sakuranko "Giveaway"

Laura said...

Ira Kharchenko - thanks, hen! hope you had a good weekend too:-) x

Maddie - thank you, dear! x

Alexandra Zakharova - don't worry, i never get upset about hair! and thank you, love! x

Sakuranko - cheers for the invite, lass! x

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