Saturday, 18 May 2013

i must become a lion hearted girl

Dress - Vintage
Blazer - Grandma's old
Over-knee socks - Seppälä
Shoes - New look
Bracelet - Dior (Gift)
Bag - Dad's old

Say hello to my new place to take outfit photos at! I don't live anywhere near it, but I go to the city quite often and have realized that the Leeds Town Hall stairs are almost always empty. So I'll probably stop by to take pictures at other times as well:-) And who doesn't fancy seeing lion statues every now and then.

Can I just say I love this dress. If I found it today, I don't know if I would shorten it. But I do like it this way as well as with a long full skirt as it used to be. And it's perfect for breezy spring weather with light enough fabric. Yet it's warm enough to wear on it's own, and I did ditch the blazer a couple of times. And I also took the over-knee socks and tights off at some point during the day... I clearly don't have a clue how to dress at the moment as I always have too little or too much clothes on!


Milex said...

well done!

Mollie said...

You look like a doll in that dress, super cute. :)

P.s. 10 points for the Florence lyric-such a powerful line!

Anonymous said...

freakin' gorgeous!

Monica Harmony's Blog

danniekate said...

i love this - leeds is so gorgeous, too! xx

Ourdestination said...


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I LOVE your dress.

Nieszka said...

what a perfect location for photos!! lucky. wow. hope to see more pics here :)


Dark Blue Stripes said...

Cute dress. Love the shade of blue.

Christie x

Dark Blue Stripes

Marlen said...

is that a florence and the machines title reference? lol i LOVE her! and i love the dress too- the pleating on the back makes it special. and i love how you paired it over the knee socks, that was a nice vintage looking touch :)

xo Marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Holly-Bella said...


Great dress, girl <3

Laura said...

Milex - cheers, hon! x

Mollie - aw, thank you, chick! and it is a great lyric, just like all of hers are! :-) x

monicaharmony - thank you, lovely! x

danniekate - thanks, darling! leeds really is a beautiful city:-) xx

Ourdestination - :-) x

Krysten - thank you, sweetie! so do i! x

Nieszka - it is great, isn't it! and i'm sure you will, doll! x

Christie - thank you, hen! it really is:-) x

Marlen - yes, it is and i love florence too! thank you, dear, you're too kind! xx

Holly-Bella - so do i, she's amazing! and thank you, pet! x

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Gorgeous photos and I absolutely love your vintage dress! The color is beautiful. xo

Jennifer said...

Great dress!

xo Jennifer

Laura said...

Tieka - thank you so much, doll! xx

Jennifer - thanks, hun! xx

Ourdestination said...

nice :)

Laura said...

Ourdestination - cheers, hen! x

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