Thursday, 17 January 2013

temple newsam

A pig named after me!

These are the last pictures of my family visiting, from another family excursion we had, this time to Temple Newsam House. It's a lovely Tudor-Jacobean house with many restored rooms, beautiful grounds and a farm of rare breed animals. Photographing inside was forbidden but the rooms were stunning. We didn't see all of them because of a wedding being held at the time of our visit. (Which gave me the idea of having my wedding at Temple Newsam! It's sad that I have various options of a wedding venue, seeing as I'm nowhere near of getting married..) I did feel bad eating a burger at the tearoom and then going to see the poor animals that had known the filling between my burger buns. They only use their own stock and I must admit the beef was excellent. I love a wee farm (and could never eat my own lil' animals) and loved the whole place! Though, not seeing any piglets was a disappointment.


Corinne said...

Laura is such a weird name for a pig, haha! I've never heard of this place, is it close to Leeds?

Corinne x

Marlen said...

Hahah aw that pig! And I'm loving all these trips you go on. This looked like such a lovely, old place to walk around in. I don't know why but that star shot with the old painting is my favorite

Patrycja Photography said...

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

What wonderful photos!! I love the one of the swan. Thank you fo rthe kind comments on my blog. I meant to ask you, may I follow your blog??

livlovelaugh said...

such fun photos!


Laura said...

Corinne - i know, hen, it is! and temple newsam house is in leeds, obviously rather far from the city centre, but still:-) x

Marlen - the pigs were all so cute, haha! thank you, doll, it was a lovely place! x

Patrycja Photography - thank you, dear! x

Optimistic Existentialist - thank you, hun! it's actually a goose:-) x

livlovelaugh - thank you, pet! x

Nieszka said...

the piggys are soo cute!! :)

Laura said...

Nieszka - aw, i know, chick! x

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