Sunday, 22 April 2012

violets aren't always blue

Dress - Self-made
Cardi - Vero Moda
Brooch - Gift from mama

Ring - Mama's old

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was ordinary, but pretty good. I had a Friends marathon by myself, ate loads of ice cream and just enjoyed myself without anyone disturbing me. That's always nice! I also got this ring from mama. 'Got' probably isn't the right word for this situation, as mama was about to just throw it in the trash and I had to save the poor thing. Therefore it's mine now. It's mama's class ring from high school. Don't know why anyone would throw such a thing away, I think the ring is cute. I haven't decided anything about my hair yet, which means that I'll most likely leave it like this at least until the graduation. I'll think about it again after that! Also, my watermelon nails have lasted quite nicely, and quite long!

Oh, and this weekend I joined Pottermore. Please, don't let me be the only one this obsessed with Harry Potter! At first I thought it'd be horribly childish, but it's so much fun! Getting your own wand and pet, getting sorted into your house, reading all the extra information by J.K. Rowling; so good. I was so sure I'd be in Slytherin (though, I'd obviously want to be in Gryffindor the most!) but suppose I was too intelligent for that (haha). So Ravenclaw it is!



Sue Lyn said...

aw! i love vintage pieces from my mother as well. love it when she passes her jewelry down to me :)

Nanna Emma - 18 år- Vintage elsker said...

Very pretty selfmade dress :)
And congrats on getting sorted into Rawenclaw! I'm a Hufflepuff myself!

I have followed you and hope you will check out my blog

Nanna xo

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

So very pretty!

Lucyle said...

I love your blog.Im following you now,and I will be honored if you come visit my blog and if you like it,follow me :)

Laura said...

Sue Lyn - i love that too, honey! x

Nanna Emma - thank you, dear! and of couse i will check out your blog:-) x

Krysten - thank you, sweetie! x

Lucyle - oh, thank you, love! i'll visit your blog soon:-) x

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