Sunday, 29 April 2012

keep it secret, keep it safe

Dress - New look
Vest - H&M
Scarves - Grandma's old (Not sure of the one around my head, though!)

 Yesterday, I started rewatching LotR. As I only had time for 'The fellowship of the ring' I'll probably need to see the other two soon, too. I could never watch these films too much! Can't say that I know every line, but I'm rather close to that, mumbling everything to myself. Perhaps, after seeing all the movies again, I should start rereading all the books about Middle-earth. Just to refresh my memory before the first part of "The Hobbit" comes out! (Yeh, there's eight months to that, and I'm already getting excited!) Oh, and I had some Moomin chocolate coins to munch, as well:-)



Nanna Emma - 18 år- Vintage elsker said...

Oh I am SO excited about The Hobbit as well!!
sounds like you had a really lovely Saturday X

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Love the scarves lady!

Stacy said...

love all of this!

Laura said...

Nanna Emma - good that i'm not the only one! and thank you, doll, i did:) x

Krysten - thank you, dear! x

Stacy - thanks, hen! x

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