Tuesday, 26 July 2011


A plum pie I made. I'm starting to be such a domestic goddess! This was the first pie with the crust on top, I've always wanted to make one. After all, it's not that hard. The pie wasn't that sweet and for someone with a sweet tooth (like me...) it might not taste that good. Everyone else but I really liked it though! From now on there'll be a lot more pies in our table:) This is only a basic pastry (American stir 'n' stir crust is the name, I think.) and plum halves in between. I had a recipe I was using but I didn't follow it that strictly.. As a friend of mine once said: Laura and rules don't fit in the same sentence. That goes with recipes as well.


Bohemian vanity said...

wow that looks so yummy ! I am hungry now :) xoxo

Laura said...

Bohemian vanity - why thank you dear! it's not that hard to bake one;) x

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