Sunday, 31 July 2011


I watched this Finnish war movie, The Unknown Soldier. It's nearly 3 hours so I expected it to be really boring, and was saying to myself I'm watching it to "revise history" (I have my final exam almost immediately as I go back to school, sigh.) and it's also a Finnish classic. Shows just how you shouldn't have any prejudices; I really liked it! I think I might hit the library and see if they have some other war movies..

P.s. The Victoria sandwich was guid too!


6 comments said...

does it have english subtitle! i love old movies.

Laura said... - yeh, i think it does! old movies are good:) x

Marisa Noelle said...

I love old movies...I've never seen this one which is something b/c I swear I've watched almost every old war movie ever created with my grandfather who is a huge war movie buff. Hmm, perhaps I'll have to check it out. That sandwich looks scrumptious:)

Laura said...

Marisa Noelle - well, it is Finnish so it probably isn't that easy to get your hands on it some place else, but it's worth watching. must've been lovely to watch them with your grandfather! and thank you:) x

the girl never gets older said...

oh my, I became SO HUNGRY for something sweet! I'm not sure what's that, but looks so unbearably yummy! :D ♥

Laura said...

the girl never gets older - oh thank you lovely! it's a sponge cake with raspberries and butter cream filling:) x

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