Tuesday, 31 May 2011

no monsters

Cardi&trousers - Zara
Top - H&M
Hair - Makes me sad in this picture, sticking up like that..

 Loch Ness was great:) I just don't understand why someone wouldn't love Scotland. All the mountains, lochs, glens, the views very spectacular all the way. I loved the wee waterfalls coming down the hills. It'd be lovely to climb up one of the hills and see the views from up there.


One thing that I just have to moan about is the weather.. The wind and rain just don't like me at all! Also my sister wasn't appreciating the way I dress, haha. She's too polite to say it straight to my face but I can read between the lines. "Oh, your shirt is rather pink.." Yes. "Oh, your shirt is rather transparent.." Yes. Hehe, ken, I don't always wear a lot of clothes but I like the way I dress and it should be enough:)

So we drove around Loch Ness, had lunch/tea in a cafe in some small village and went to our hostel in Inverness. It was goood:) Even though we didn't see Nessie.

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