Wednesday, 5 January 2011

i don't care too much for money, money can't buy me love

But money can buy me nice things. I was sale shopping a few days ago, didn't find really good bargains but this is what I got:

£14.99, Zara

£15, River Island

£15, H&M

£30, Barratts

£2, H&M

I don't really like sales. Yes, the clothes are cheaper and yes, I like buying clothes. There's just so much people that you can't properly look at the items without someone pushing you away. And the other thing is that most of the clothes in sale are for big girls. Is it just me or has someone else noticed that the sizes are 14+? So frustrating to see something pretty, look at the label, check all the other ones and actually wish you were 3 or 4 sizes bigger...

Anyway, I really like my new cardis and shoes and ring. And I still have some of my Christmas money left I might as well go and spend it someday soon:) !


Mr Lonely said...

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Laura said...

Mr Lonely - thanks:) i'll take a look at your blog!

Betsey said...

oh my gosh. that bow sweater...AH, i'm so jealous. I wish we had Zara over here in the states, I'd buy that in an instant! your blog is so lovely!

Laura said...

Betsey - thank you:) such a shame you don't have zara there, they have so lovely clothes!

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