Sunday, 16 January 2011

he says don't think, don't talk

I had a nice day yesterday:) Went uptown and I was going to the museum but then I noticed that The National Gallery had a small display by the young Vermeer. So I went to see that and everytime I go to the Gallery I have to go and see the works of the impressionists too. (Ok, I haven't been there more than once before this but still!)

I bought a new diary from there and I really like it. It's Turner's Bell Rock Lighthouse and I think it's rather pretty. There's also my old diary in the picture, I really couldn't live without one. I write an awful lot all the time and carry a diary with me to pretty much all places. I don't often (I first wrote never, but that'd be a lie) talk about my feelings or anything like that, so I kind of have to write my thoughts and feelings down. And in fact I find writing much nicer than talking.. :)

I might've popped into some shops on my way home and bought my new lovedress♥. Peter Pan collar + coral, ah. I'm seriously thinking of buying more of these in different colours. I've been thinking of sewing a Peter Pan collar dress for a while but nothing has happened. It wouldn't be that hard so I might give it go, within a year or so.. I even drew myself in the dress to the first page of my diary, it's so pretty::)

Oh, I blurred my number so I wouldn't get any funny calls. But I like getting mail so I left my address almost completely, haha. It's not actually mine but my host family's. Don't send any rubbish to them!

New look, £16.99?

Cardi - Primark
Dress - Mama's old
Top - Bday present from France
Belt - Mama's
Tights - Seppala

And now I'm going to spend the rest of my day with Stephen and innocent♥.



Eva said...

so awesome, i love Vermeer :)

Laura said...

Eva - yeah, it was quite good:)

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