Thursday, 5 April 2012

easter hiatus

 Thought I'd have a wee break from blogging during Easter time. This way I'll have a lot of time to stuff my face with chocolate eggs and other delicious food! We aren't doing anything special, the family's coming over and that's pretty much it. However, after giving sweets for lent I'm now very excited that in a few days I can have chocolate again! It's not a long time to be without sweets but I couldn't be happier, hehe!

Have a happy Easter darlings♥!


Lisa said...

that is pretty

Sophie Isobel said...

Have a lovely Easter :)

his_girl_friday said...

Happy Easter!

Mmaree. said...

Yummm... chocolate eggs<3 Haha, gotta love Easter!

Laura said...

Lisa - thanks, love! x

Sophie Isobel - thank you, hope your easter was good too, dear! x

his_girl_friday - thank you, sweetie! x

Mmaree. - mmm i know, hen! x

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