Monday, 19 March 2012

food, glorious food

I like food. Actually, I think it must be unnatural not to like food. This year I've spent more time in the kitchen than ever, and can't believe how much I've been missing out. There's so much to learn about cooking and so much to eat.
The first three pictures are from Mother's Day, yesterday. Mama's one lucky gal to have such lovely children like me (and my sister and brother), as we celebrate both British and Finnish date for Mother's Day! Yesterday, I just cooked a wee meal for her which made her pleased all the same.
And the last two are today's tea. As it's my MFM day I tried a new veggie meal. I made baked pasta with tomatoes and mozzarella, using this Jamie Oliver recipe. Can I just say I love Jamie Oliver? He's so enthusiastic about what he does, and that's a quality I like in any person. Mama seemed to like the pasta, but I'm pretty sure the taste will still improve whilst I practice and try it again.


Haddock said...

Love that napkin.
Love that cup (and what is in the cup)
OK who does not love food?
Especially when its good food :-)

misslikey said...

oh the rabbit tea cup <3

Laura said...

Haddock - thank you! i had to buy the napkins the minute i saw them! and indeed, what's not to love about food:) x

misslikey - i know, hun, it's the prettiest! it's got alice on the other side:) x

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