Tuesday, 9 December 2014

mymble dress

 Dress - Vintage/Diy
Shoes - Gift from le sister
Socks - Primark
Earrings - Stolen off mama

This is yet another dress that I really love but don't wear that often. I've gathered it round the back, but if I wanted to I could still undo the stitching and let it be in full length. I think one day I'll do that, but now I'm still happy with the way it looks at the moment. I didn't remember that it was quite this short, but I don't find it to be too short. (At least from my point of view..) I'm sure I've said this before but the dress was sewn by my aunt in the 70's after which it's been worn by my mum and now me. Clothes with stories behind them are somehow so much nicer to wear. As if they have more memories about them. If you never watched the Moomins in your childhood (or adulthood), you won't know what I'm on about, but anyway. This dress reminds me of the episode where Mymble finds a supposedly diamond ring, tries to be fancier than she is and makes a new dress out of Moominmamma's floral curtains. That's what I think about when I'm wearing this. I do love the dress and the floral print, but at the same time it feels a bit old-lady-like. In a good way, you know?


Gail J said...

Your dress looks so lovely on you! Also, the shoes are pretty!

Amy said...

I love your dress! And the shoes are a perfect color. :)
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

Kie I. said...

Really cool your aunt made this and your mom has worn it as well! I love that. You look great :)

Lady parisienne said...

Your dress is so pretty and It looks lovely with these red boots!

Sara Gerard said...

That dress is super cute on you, and it looks perfect with the little booties! I really think that it is awesome that the dress has been passed along through your family, very sweet!

Marlen Komar said...

I'm all about the old lady dresses- i think they have such character! And that's SO cool it used to be your aunt's and mom's. I have a few dresses that were my mom's and i treasure them- i always feel like i'm her at my age when i wear them. It's such a nice feeling. And I def. don't think it's too short either. It's just the right length :)

xo marlen
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Corinne said...

It's great that the dress has history behind it! I love those boots too. Veryyy nice!

Corine x

rae t said...

The color of this dress looks wonderful on you. And I agree as well - clothes with stories behind them make them nicer to wear.

rae of love from berlin

Laura said...

Gail J - thank you very much, dear! xx

Amy - thank you, hun! i remember thinking that when i desperately wanted them and finally got them for christmas one year:-) xx

Kie I. - i know, i love that too:-) thank you, hon! x

Lady parisienne - thank you, lovely! x

Sara Gerard - thank you so much, doll! we have a lot of clothes like this that have passed through generations in my family, haha! x

Marlen - they do, don't they! ah, i used to feel like that when i was wee and wore my mum's old clothes, the ten-year-old us actually looked pretty much like twins, haha:-) and that's good to hear, darling! hem lengths are probably what i'm most self-conscious about, ha. xx

Corinne - thank you, thank you, honey! xx

rae t - i really like the colour too, chick! they really are:-) x

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