Monday, 30 June 2014

uncharacteristically casual laura

 Hat, top&trousers - H&M

Well, this is all very odd. I bought this most basic t-shirt and I've been wanting to live in it, even though t-shirts really aren't my thing. I got it in size M so that it'd be extra roomy and nice to wear on hot summer days without feeling like you're about to melt. I'm also wearing these trousers after the longest time. I still like them, but I still don't know if I'm going to wear them that much.. Dilemmas. And everything I'm wearing is from one place, that never happens! Such a casual outfit, which also doesn't happen that often.

Also, I wanted to tell you all that I've had a wee change of plans and will be going to Finland for the summer. My flight leaves on Wednesday, so with all the travelling and that, there'll probably be less of me on the blogosphere (yet again). My mum has been telling me her computer/internet isn't working very well, and as I'm staying with her I'm not too sure if I'll be able to blog as much as I'd like to during the summer. Obviously I'm such a lil' wizard with technology that I might be able to fix it, but there's also a (scary) possibility of being without the internet for nearly three months... Uh oh. Anyway, I'll possibly manage to schedule some posts for the time being and I'll see you when I see you, lovelies!


Ourdestination said...

great :)

Isabella said...

Such a cute look! Like you, I tend to dress up, but sometimes dressing down can be fun. The hat, lipstick, and cool pattern of the pants keep this look unique!



gabrielle said...

oversized tees are the best! your lipstick is so pretty. hope you're able to fix the internet, though a few months without it may be nice!


Meg Kernaghan said...

Those pants <3

Marisa Noelle said...

Have an amazing trip Laura!!! And gosh you are gorgeous, seriously. I love this laid back look. Seeing this makes me wish I had more comfy and cute tees and pants to wear. I'll have to get on the ball with that :-).

Hena Tayeb said...

finland sounds great.. have fun..

Katie Frank said...

finland is awesome <3
you're so beautiful <3 yay

Katie Frank said...

finland is awesome <3
you're so beautiful <3 yay

Krysten Quiles said...

Very cute look. I tend to be more dressy but sometimes casual is nice too.

Marlen said...

i've been feeling a more casual shift, too! i don't know why, but i feel very pretty in basics now. and ahhh have fun in finnland! hopefully you'll be able to have the internet, though :) Does your mom live there?

xo marlen
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bbb said...

great post! looking so comfy! xx

Laura said...

Ourdestination - cheers, hen:-) x

Isabella - ah, thank you so much, honey! and that is true, although you wouldn't think dressing down could ever be as fun as dressing up:-) kiitos! xx

gabrielle - they are, aren't they! thank you, lovely:-) and although i was dreading it, a few months without le internet were indeed quite enjoyable! xx

Meg Kernaghan - thanks, doll, glad you like them! xx

Marisa Noelle - thank you so so much, petal! i'm actually really surprised that i've been wearing trousers so much lately, but they can be just so comfy! xx

Hena Tayeb - yes, finland can be alright:-) cheers, lady! x

Katie Frank - haha, i suppose so! and thank you so much, pretty! xx

Krysten Quiles - thank you, darling! i prefer dressing up as well, but that is true:-) xx

Marlen - i just felt it was easier to dress casually in the heat of the summer, haha:-) and thank you, doll, i did have fun! and yes, my mum lives in finland:-) xx

bbb - thank you, pet! xx

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