Friday, 11 October 2013

a little bit of hair

Just a wee post to show you all my lack of hair! I was under the impression that it was maybe a couple of weeks ago that I had my hair cut, but it's actually been a month and a couple of weeks. No wonder it has grown out so much! The only thing I don't like about short hair (at the moment) is how fast it grows. I think I'll brave myself to trim it myself, because honestly, who can afford going to the hairdressers every two weeks? I don't even like going to the hairdressers, this has been my first time in over three (3) years. It'll be just so different cutting short than long hair, especially as the last time my hair was about this length was when I was 13.. We'll see how it goes, haha!

Anyway, I'm loving having short hair, and would also like to hear what you have to say:-) I had been thinking of chopping my hair off for a long time, so finally getting there was great. I actually went to the hairdressers with a picture of Tegan and Sara, the haircut didn't really look like what I had had in mind, but in the end I think I like it better the way it turned out!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful :) kisses!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love it a lot! Makes you look very sophisticated!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I seriously LOVE it, looks stunning on you.

Noor said...

Short hair look great . I have never had this style because my hair always grow TOO slow.

Deidre said...

It looks AMAZING. You look fantastic. I only go to the hair dressers about once a year. If that. It's just so expensive and time consuming and I always feel like they're disappointed in me because I don't style my hair, ever.

Michèle Kruesi said...

love your hairstyle. it suits you so well

mochaccinoland said...

wow! didn't notice u cut your hair so short in your prev post! looking great in your short do. yup, it's quite costly & pain-in-butt to maintain short hair! when i had short hair, my hair only looked good first week after i visited my hairdresser, as my hair grew out-of-shape very quickly.


daniela kate morosini said...

so chic! is it easier or trickier to style now? xx

Laura said...

Fashion Sky Fall - thank you, love! x

Optimistic Existentialist - thank you so much, hon! x

Krysten - thank you, honey! xx

Noor - thanks, pet! i think i'm the opposite, and my hair grows too quickly:-) x

Deidre - thank you very much, dear! ah, i know! for me the main reasons for not going are the expensiveness and the fact that i rarely am pleased with the result. when i cut my hair myself, i can only blame myself if it looks awful and haven't paid for a crap haircut, haha! x

Michèle Kruesi - thank you, dove! x

mochaccinoland - hehe! thank you, darling! and i'm the same, i should be trimming my hair at least every two weeks.. it is such an effort! xx

daniela kate morosini - thank you, doll! definitely trickier, haha:-) with long hair i'd just get out of bed and my hair would look alright, and i easily spend more time styling the short hair! then again, it takes less time&effort to wash it now, haha! xx

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