Monday, 5 November 2012

bonfires & fireworks

Shirt - H&M
Blazer & Scarf - Grandma's old
Leggings - Primark
Shoes - New look

I look slightly like a man in these pictures, but don't we all sometimes. (Don't we?) There's two kinds of lassies I really don't like: the ones who wear leggingses as pants and the ones who keep their phone in their bra. And now I have become (almost) one of both! This shirt mostly covers my rear end, but still. I did feel a bit naked whilst walking to uni, all the same, I have to admit it is a comfortable and easy outfit. Can't decide if it's socially acceptable or not! Keeping your phone in your bra, on the other hand, is not socially acceptable. Seriously, I don't know what that's about. Get a bag or clothes with pockets! I did cave in the other night.. I didn't have any pockets or a bag, so I had my keys inside my bra when I went to watch a movie in a flat at a block across mine. Later I noticed I got a rash from the metal, so I will never be doing that again!

Hope you all had a special Halloween, and are looking forward to Bonfire night tonight! I didn't do anything for the former, so tonight I'll probably be going out:-) Should be fun; have a lovely day, you all♥!


Nanna Emma said...

Yes we do ;)

I really like these leggins. I'm not 'bold' enough to wear patterns on my legs but I always like it when somebody else does.

Happy Bonfire Night! x

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Love the pattern of those leggings!

mochaccinoland said...

nice leggings! i dun keep anything in my bra, wouldn't it be uncomfortable and make one's boobs look weirdly out of shape? hahaha.


Sarah Beth said...

Love your leggings, you look great! I'm your newest follower, follow back?

xoxo Sarah Beth

Caring Cowls

Marisa Noelle said...

I love these patterned leggings! It's something I wish I had more of in my wardrobe. I'm with you on the leggings as pants and phone in the bra thing...ugh. Your outfit is completely fabulous!

xoxo Marisa

Deidre said...

Uh oh, I'm neither of those type of women. I don't have the boobs to keep anything more than a credit card in my bra (and even then it shows!) and I don't wear leggings as pants.

But you look great!

Laura said...

Nanna Emma - glad i'm not the only one, haha! i'm sure you could pull off wearing patterned leggings as well and i hope you had a happy bonfire night too, doll! x

Krysten - thank you, darling, so do i! x

mochaccinoland - thank you, chicken! you'd think so, it's such a strange thing to do! xx

Sarah Beth - thank you, hun! i'll check out your blog soon! x

Marisa Noelle - thank you so much, petal! i've been trying to get some patterned leggings into my wardrobe too, as i don't really have them either! xx

Deidre - glad you think the way i do (even i might be a bit of a hypocrite!) and thank you, dear! x

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