Friday, 25 May 2012

it feels like years since it's been here

Dress & Belt - Mama's old
Shoes - Topshop
Hair bow - Self-made

Earrings - Sister's old, from France

I brought this black&red carpet from my room to be dusted outside and it took me ages to get it done as it's so heavy. So I decided I don't like it enough to get it back upstairs or even to keep for a future home. Mama's idea was to let it stay outside on the porch. It's proving to be quite a good one too, and it's lovely to sit on the stairs now that there's more than just plain wood to sit on. I can see myself having a cup of coffee outside on upcoming sunny mornings!


Aida said...

Great look!!

Anonymous said...

nice photos.

t said...

Nice outfit!

Carol said...

You look so cute!!

Bonnie said...

This dress is a great contrast to the red on the stairs. I love a classic look like this.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Paula Taveira said...

loved the outfit *

Laura said...

Aida - thanks, hun! x

Maria Oliveira - cheers, lovely! x

t - thank you, sweetie! x

Carol - haha, thank you, dear! xx

Bonnie - thank you, love! x

Paula Taveira - glad you liked it, chick! x

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