Friday, 17 February 2012

in grandma's clothes

Dress - New look
Blazer & Turban - Grandma's old
Nomination bracelet & Slippers - Gifts

I went looking for fabric for my graduation dress with mama today. And it looks like they'll have a fabric just the colour of my shoes coming next week, so I'll be visiting the fabric shop again then:) I'm wearing something I've got from my grandma almost every day, I've got so many old cardis, blazers and scarfs of hers. The turban is a saviour on days when you can't be bothered to do anything with your hair! Also mama bought us some belated Valentine's Day gifts. Tulips and heart-shaped doughnuts. Arnolds doughnuts are the best, I could eat them every day! (Actually, can one say they're doughnuts if there's no hole in the middle..?)


his_girl_friday said...

That's so great you have so many of your grandma's clothes!

Laura said...

his_girl_friday - thanks, hen, it really is! :) x

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