Friday, 4 February 2011


 I bought a new powder a while ago. I've never really got into using foundation so I replace it with powder, in a way. I really like the smell of powders, it's weird. All of these three powders have been good but I haven't found a perfect powder yet.

I have this habit with powders and I've been thinking if it's 'normal'. I suppose it isn't and most people just throw the wee bit of powder left in it away. I don't. You know, how there's always some powder left on the sides and it's really hard to get out of the case. I scrape it with a knife or something and blend it, sometimes I might have many leftover powders and I mix them. (Proud of my economical habits..)

Shirt - New look
Top - Present from my sister (France)
Trousers - My daddy's old :--D

This is what I look like when I'm just chillin' in the house. Well, normally I wear a dress but I happened to have trousers on yesterday. It's been really freezing these past days, my room's too cold:(

Now I'm going to bake some gingerbreads. I saw that I had some dough left from Christmas in the freezer. I've been eating it while writing so I only have about 3/4 left. Better get started!

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