Thursday, 16 February 2012

a few things one should remember

(Can't remember where I found this, if it's yours, I'm sorry I stole it!)


Maycie After Five said...

I tend to forget these things from time to time. I wonder if I can get a poster of this. I'd love to hang it somewhere I can see it everyday.

Great inspiration! Thanks.

jessica sandoval said...

When I first saw it on Tumblr, I couldn't reblog it fast enough! I love these reminders that sometimes there is life outside of the rooms we sit in, aimlessly scrolling through the internet!

Jessica | Vixenelle

Laura said...

Maycie After Five - this'd be wonderful as a poster, i'd love it too! i'll have to check if you can get one:-) you're welcome, lovely! x

jessica sandoval - i know, sweetie, it's great! and it's lovely to come across things like this:) x

Melina Jurenic and Vesna Libric said...

I agree, we often forget the important stuff, getting buisy with our jobs and every day life.Love your blog,if you have the time check out mine